Leveling the playing field for first-time and small dollar investors


“Half of the rewards will be provided through traditional tokenomics. You will receive rewards based on your holding size as it compares to the total supply in circulation.”


“The second half of rewards will be provided through a proprietary method called the partition. You’ll receive rewards based on the tier percentile your holding qualifies for. this will ensure first time investors and smaller holdings receive a larger share than they normally would with traditional tokenomics.”

5% of all buys and sells are rewarded to holders:

50% Traditional Distribution. Hold tokens:

– Get Reflections.


50% Partition Distribution:

-Paid Weekly.

-Minimum Holding of 1B RFTX.

-No RFTX sells since last payment.

-RFTX must be in your wallet since last pay period.

Rematic Finance helps investors take advantage of opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets and to bring a unique approach to investing in defi by bridging the gap between traditional finance and crypto. 

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